Frequently Asked Questions

ContiGrass 1) gives you an instant green surface, where grass pavement stones are laid, 2) which is easy to maintain, 3) increases the water permeability of the pavement, and 4) cheaper in long terms.

  1. ContiGrass is a modulated grass block. It is really simple and quick to insert these blocks into the empty cells of the grass pavement stones. It takes a few minutes to install a square meter, not much of a workload, and when you are done, your pavement is also done.
  2. Due to the modulated system, it is enough to remove and replace the damaged blocks only; you don’t need to move the whole pavement for renovation. Everyday maintenance is also very simple; you might need to sweep the leaves off the pavement. That’s all.
  3. ContiGrass does not fill the whole volume of the cell, therefore provides a pool to the rainwater to do so. About 700 milliliters of rainwater can be stored in each and every cell, as long as it takes for the ground below to absorb this water in, which means an about 35 liters of water pro square meters. A thunderstorm with this amount of water falls only a few times a decade. Grass pavement stones with ContiGrass are optimal solution in avoiding floods after heavy rains.
  4. The price of ContiGrass is a one-time investment in 10-15 years. It requires minimal maintenance, unlike grass pavement stones grassed with conventional methods. Such grass pavement stones needed to be refreshed every couple of years in order to achieve the beauty ContiGrass can give you. In Germany, for example, another motivation is the reduction of savage water bills.

Either you use the shopping function of our webshop, or you request a personalized quotation. You can request a grass pavement stone examination free of costs. In case we can help you with anything, please contact us through our webpage, or on our Facebook or Instagram.

You can read more about this topic in the following blog (only in Hungarian):

Unfortunately, not yet, we don’t have ContiGrass with living grass. Probably we have this product by spring 2021. For now, we are concentrating on our artificial grass products, although it is our mission to satisfy our costumers’ needs.

ContiGrass Saddle 10 fits into the grass pavement stones we call conventional grass pavement stones. These types are manufactured by almost all the pavement manufacturer companies in standard sizes. These standard sizes are 40×40 cm or 60×40 cm, with the height of 10 cm. The ratio of green area in these stones are around 30-40%. The ContiGrass Saddle 10 product can already fit to a cell with the dimensions of 8.4×8.4 cm with the height of 10 cm. The upper size limit of a cell size is 9.0×9.0 cm.

In case you are unsure, please request a grass pavement stone examination free of charges, or a free product sample to check for yourself.

ContiGrass gives you an instant and beautiful result. And that is only the beginning of the list.

  1. ContiGrass already has grass on it, you just insert it into your grass pavement stone.
  2. You don’t need to wait months for the grass to grow.
  3. Installing ContiGrass is so much simple. It takes only a few minutes to install a square meter.
  4. The grass of the ContiGrass is lowered under the upper face of the grass pavement stone, therefore it is protected against treading.
  5. As it is with artificial grass, it will not dry out, and can stand the direct sunlight better than living grass do.
  6. The grass pavement stone is 3x more permeable to rainwater with ContiGrass.
  7. The lifespan of a living grass planted into the cells of the grass pavement stone is quite limited, whereas ContiGrass with artificial grass can last for even more than 10 years.
  8. Its maintenance is limited: no mowing, no watering…
  9. Its renovation is much simpler.

We have tried it and it did not melt.

Artificial grass can be exposed to heat from three sources: 1) from the Sun, 2) from the concrete, and 3) from the hot engine of a parking car.

  1. The heat from the Sun is the least important. It can heat up ContiGrass directly in a limited amount. Although the Sun can heat up the concrete material around the ContiGrass, which takes us to the next point.
  2. The concrete can reach 70-80°C of temperature on a warm sunny summer day. The threads of the artificial grass can resist this, maybe only a few would melt but that would not cause aesthetic problems. Most threads are protected by the insolating effect of the air that is between the concrete and the plastic. Therefore, the concrete is not a big problem.
  3. Nowadays, cars have a coverage from below. If there is none, still no problem, as the heat travels upwards in the air. The engine will surely not touch the grass, the insolating air in between then will protect the grass from melting.

We think, stiletto shoes and grass pavement stones are a dangerous combination. This situation is not changed in either direction by ContiGrass. Walking on a grass pavement stone in stiletto shoes increases the risk of stumble. It requires extra care to walk on these pavements.

We do not take responsibility for events, when walking in stiletto shoes on grass pavement stones with ContiGrass results an accident. We recommend a quick shoe-change in the car before stepping onto the grass pavement stones.

Partially, yes!

You can choose your ContiGrass with 4 different types of artificial grass. The Coplay Green has a thread length of 12 mm, Kirkstall and Lagoon of 25 mm, and Downton of 37 mm. The ContiGrasses with shorter thread length is recommended under low velocity vehicle traffic, such as garage ways and parking lots. ContiGrass with a longer thread length of artificial grass is recommended under pedestrian traffic or no traffic, like slopes. In case you have any question, please contact us.

ContiGrasses with different shades are not yet available. We are working on having such options in the near future too.

You have two options. 1) Either you ask us to calculate it for you, or 2) you calculate it yourself.

  1. You can request a grass pavement stone examination free of charge, and then we will do the math instead of you.
  2. Use any of our calculators to calculate the amount for yourself. We use them too, for the same calculations.

Calculator no. 1

Saddle 10=5x*5y+(5x-1)*(5y-1)
Saddle 10H=(5x-1)*2+(5y-1)*2
where x=the length of one of the sides of grass paved area given in meters
and y=the length of the other of the sides on grass paved area given In meters.

Calculator no. 2

In principle, it is the same as calculator no. 1. We calculate the amounts for each rectangle that we sum. What makes it a bit more complicated is when we calculate the length of the shared sides of the neighboring rectangles. We calculate the difference between the perimeter of the whole grass paved area and the sum of the perimeters of all the rectangles, which result gives back a value where there should be ContiGrass Saddle 10 instead of Saddle 10H. These lengths in meters are then multiplied by 5, which is then added to the sum above. The amount of Saddle 10H is simply calculated from the perimeter of the whole area minus the corners:
Saddle 10H=perimeter*5-corners

Calculator no. 3

Saddle 10=a*b*6+(3*a-1)*(2*b-1) and
Saddle 10H=(3*a-1+2*b-1)*2
where a=the number of grass pavement stones along their 60 cm long side
and b=the number of grass pavement stones along their 40 cm long side


Saddle 10=a*b*4+(2*a-1)*(2*b-1) és

Saddle 10H=(3*a-1+2*b-1)*2
where a=the number of grass pavement stones along one of the 40 cm long sides
and b=the number of grass pavement stones along the other of the 40 cm long sides.